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i'm angry because i'm half white and half black and i'm definitely not seen as white by white people yet when i then refer to myself as black and identify myself with the black community white people say "but you're not black you know".

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the greatest horse in all of animation history

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i gotta new wig and new glasses and lost my septum ring soooooooooo

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i don’t think i’ve lost any followers even though i haven’t posted anything since 9th of april


i got a job, i work at an o2 phone shop and starting face-to-face retail has made me hate people even more than i did previously
the only thing that makes it bearable is the fact i rly fancy my co-worker
that’s about it going on with me

i probably still won’t be using tumblr much coz i just don’t have the time or effort and it for some reason still gives me bad mood swings


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Can someone send me the photo of that instagram screenshot of the old looking baby….. PLZ

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Spoiler alert buffy for all those who’ve never seen it

Been marathoning it and am at the episode where joyce dies and its so intense its so correct especially the speech anya gives at the dorms i have cried 3 times already

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Give me supernaural monster demons any day as long as they are in a teen or larger body

Evil kids scare the shit out of me

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Buddies @0_0000_0

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Dat #fog

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Roast butternut squash stuffed with mushrooms, spinach and caramalised onions topped with grated cheese THO