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Can someone send me the photo of that instagram screenshot of the old looking baby….. PLZ

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Spoiler alert buffy for all those who’ve never seen it

Been marathoning it and am at the episode where joyce dies and its so intense its so correct especially the speech anya gives at the dorms i have cried 3 times already

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Give me supernaural monster demons any day as long as they are in a teen or larger body

Evil kids scare the shit out of me

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Buddies @0_0000_0

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Dat #fog

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Roast butternut squash stuffed with mushrooms, spinach and caramalised onions topped with grated cheese THO

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Oh yeah i found a free nhs councilling service in my borough that accepts self referrals i called yesterday but needed my nhs number so gonna phone my gp thsn get back to them errrr yeah i get more or less 6 free sessions so yeah cool times

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when someone calls a white person “cracker”

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ive found one in the wild

no fatties

"I am not a true cis white male… I am a goblin" oh

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Typed this with my nipple